When I was a child, my parents were my best friends.  

My Father was a walking encyclopedia, world traveler

and renaissance man.  My Mother was a popular stylist,

proverb queen with a "shirt off my back" persona.  

I shadowed there every move any chance I got...while

in awe of their knowledge, work ethic, quick wit,

quiet pride, inspiring ambition and admirable resolve.  

They were not only intelligent and entertaining,

they were both great cooks that could rival any top chef.  

I got my knack for cooking and niche for hosting from them.  

They inspired me to dream big, live life bigger

and endeavor to give back in the biggest way.  

When I Host, the "I" represents my attention to detail

in overseeing your event...The only hand you'll lift,

would be to Toast to your guests...And after they leave

your event, they will Boast to others about it.  

I Host...You Toast...They Boast!

Notable  In  Creatively  Hosting  Events


About NICHE Hostess